Dr Mogens Lærke

  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Spinoza
  • Leibniz
  • Methodology in the History of Philosophy
  • Early Modern Political Theory

Lærke has published widely on early modern metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of religion and political philosophy, and on historiographical methodology, including in the Journal of the History of Philosophy (x4), British Journal for the History of Philosophy (x6), Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy (x2), The Leibniz Review (x5), History of Political Thought, Journal of the History of Ideas, and Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, among others.

Monographs include Leibniz lecteur de Spinoza. La genèse d’une opposition complexe (Champion 2008) and Les Lumières de Leibniz. Controverses avec Huet, Bayle, Regis et More (Classiques Garnier 2015)A new book on Spinoza and the Freedom of Philosophizing is forthcoming from Oxford University Press in early 2021. He is the editor or co-editor of numerous volumes, including (with D. Garber, P.-F. Moreau, P. Totaro) Spinoza: Reason, Religion, and Politics (Oxford University Press, forthcoming); (with L. Catana) The Historiography of Philosophy, 1800-1950 (special issue of the British Journal of the History of Philosophy, 2020); (with R. Andrault) Steno and the Philosophers (Brill, 2018); (with D. Rabouin and C. Leduc) Leibniz. Lectures et commentaires (Vrin, 2017); (with P.-F. Moreau and R. Andrault) Spinoza/Leibniz, Rencontres, Controverses, Réceptions (Presses Universitaires de Paris-Sorbonne 2014); (with E. Schliesser and J.E.H. Smith) Philosophy and its History. Aims and Methods in the Study of Early Modern Philosophy (Oxford University Press 2013); The Use of Censorship in the Enlightenment (Brill 2009); and (with M. Kulstad and D. Snyder) The Philosophy of the Young Leibniz (Studia Leibnitiana Sonderheft35, Franz Steiner Verlag 2009).