Dr Matthew Landrus


I currently teach:


History of the British Isles, 1330-1550

History of the British Isles: The Late Medieval British Isles, 1330-1550

European and World History:  Renaissance, Recovery and Reform, 1400-1650

Further Subject: Anglo-Saxon Archaeology of the Early Christian Period, c. 600–750

Optional Subject: Nature and Art in the Renaissance

Further Subject: Culture and Society in Early Renaissance Italy, 1290–1348

Optional Subject: Conquest and Colonisation: Spain and America in the Sixteenth Century

Further Subject: Flanders and Italy in the Quattrocento, 1420–1480

Paper IV: Art and History

Further Subject: Encountering South Asian Sculpture


Further Subject: Histories of Madness and Mental Healing in a Global Context.

  European and World History: Global Networks of Innovation, 1000-1700: China, Islam and the Rise of the West


Graduate Papers: MSt/MPhil in History course, Theories and Methods in Historical Analysis