Hilary Term 2020 Seminar Series ‘The Construction of Ageing’

Hilary Term 2020 Seminar Series

‘The Construction of Ageing’


Prof Sarah Harper, Dr Ashley Moyse, Prof Joshua Hordern

21 Jan: Dr Ashley Moyse, Oxford: ‘Bearing the burdens we (don’t) bare: A theological reflection on carrying the weight of ageing’

28 Jan: Melissa Pierce Murray, sculptor; Fiona Millward, dancer: ‘Sculpture, Dance, Choreography and What Age Brings’

04 Feb: Professor James Woodward, Sarum College: ‘Memory, Meaning and Human Identity: The place of theology in constructing the purpose of age in the light of dementia?’

11 Feb: Dr Chris Gilleard, UCL ‘The body as an ageing thing’

18 Feb: Dr James Stark, Leeds: ‘Monkey Glands and Moisturisers: Anti-ageing in Modern Britain”        

25 Feb: Professor Patricia M. Thane, KCL: 'What can knowledge of History contribute to current understandings of ageing and old age?'

03 Mar: Stephen Bennett, London: ‘Art, ageing and policy’

10 Mar: Dr Kate Kirkpatrick, KCL (Lecture Room 2): ‘On the Need to Stay Human: Simone de Beauvoir's Philosophy of Age’