**CANCELLED** Dr Caitjan Gainty (King’s College London): 'Dissecting "Diegelman" (1945): Film, Medicine and the Cinematic Oeuvre of Kurt Goldstein'

Dissecting "Diegelman" (1945): Film, Medicine and the Cinematic Oeuvre of Kurt Goldstein

This talk uses as an entry point into the discussion of medical cinema the neurological films of Kurt Goldstein, the psychiatrist/neurologist who, like many of his medical colleagues in the first half of the twentieth century, saw the new technology of motion pictures as potentially capable of totally transforming how medicine was done. In exploring what film meant in particular for neurology, the talk will review the movement of cinema into neurologic contexts and explore both the 'fitness' of film for neurologic work and the larger cultural and scientific contexts that helped to make motion pictures medically meaningful in the first place.