Disease and Medicine in East & West: Points of Difference, Points of Contact

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Balance of inflammation in blood vessels

Wellcome Library, London


Co-organised by the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine and
The Korean Society for the History of Medicine and Kyung Hee Medical History Research Centre

Medicine in most Asian countries has evolved in very different ways to that in the West, for biomedicine continues to compete with other medical cultures, most of which have distinctive epistemologies and institutions. The diverse ecological and social conditions existing in Asia have also meant that medicine – in all its forms – has often had different priorities to that in the West. And yet, among this diversity we may observe certain common themes. Biomedicine outside the West also took different forms and sometimes learned from as well as competed with indigenous knowledge and practice.

This conference examines some of these points of converge and diverge, and considers how Asian countries have managed their transition to biomedical modernity. Papers range from the medieval to the modern period and from South Asia to China, Korea and Japan. Subjects covered in the papers include pharmacy, malaria, naval medicine, contagious disease, medieval medicine and recent trends in disease and medicine. 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Mark Harrison

Although this event is free to attend, numbers are limited and registration is essential by 5pm Monday 26 June; please email Belinda Clark belinda.clark@wuhmo.ox.ac.uk if you would like to attend, advising of any allergies/dietary requirements.

Venue: Osler-McGovern Centre, 13 Norham Gardens