Jim Bennett awarded Sarton Medal

jim bennett at mhs

Congratulations to Jim Bennett on his award of the History of Science Society Sarton Medal.  The Medal is the History of Science Society’s highest honour; the HSS has detailed Jim’s ‘work as a historian of scientific instruments, curator of world-class collections, museum leader, and teacher has had a remarkable impact in the field of history of science and beyond.’   As the History of Science Society’s official release explains, ‘For his pioneering scholarship and curation in the field of instrument studies, his leadership in the history of science on an international stage, and his attention to the needs of faculty, students, and the public, the HSS is pleased to bestow its most distinguished award, the Sarton Medal, on Prof. Jim Bennett.’  Jim Bennett was Director of the University of Oxford’s History of Science Museum for 18 years.  Please visit the HSS site for more details on the honour.