Gustav Neuenschwander Prize 2018

robert fox

Robert Fox has been awarded the Gustav Neuenschwander Prize during the 8th ESHS Conference (London, 2018)

The Gustav Neuenschwander Prize

The Gustav Neuenschwander Prize, the main prize of the European Society for the History of Science (ESHS), is awarded for outstanding life‐long achievements and major contributions to the discipline of the history of science. It was created by Professor Erwin Neuenschwander in 2011 in memory of his father Gustav Neuenschwander.

The Prize, which currently amounts to 10,000 (ten thousand) Euros, is presented biennially at the ESHS Conferences. It consists of a financial reward, a diploma, and the right to deliver a plenary lecture at the Conference.

The first winners of the Gustav Neuenschwander Prize were

  • Claude Debru (2012)
  • Jürgen Renn (2014)
  • Nancy Siraisi (2016)
  • Robert Fox (2018)

The prize will next be awarded at the 9th International ESHS Conference to be held in Bologna in 2020.

Please visit the European Society for the History of Science website for more information.