Ancient Medicine Seminar Hilary Term 2023

An interdisciplinary research seminar, which brings together those inside the University and elsewhere who have an interest in disease and medicine in the ancient world.

These seminars will continue to be held remotely (via Zoom) until further notice - please log on to attend.

Convener: Professor Robert Arnott (Green Templeton College)

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Wednesdays at 17:30 UK Time


1 February

Amanda Porter (Dickinson College, USA)

The iconography of game animals in ancient Afro-Eurasia and Human Disease

15 February

Dr Christie Vogler (University of Lynchburg, USA)

Negotiating between magic and medicine: what makes for an acceptable Roman medica?

1 March

Thomas Mills (University of Reading)

Diagnosing leprosy in the medieval world

8 March

Professor Robert Arnott (Green Templeton College)

What without texts? Discovering healing and medicine in the Harappan Civilisation of South Asia, 2600-1900 BCE


ALL ARE WELCOME - There is no registration, just log on to attend